The Leeds club was set up for the start of the 2003 Tournament. Umpires and officials who have participated in the tournament before this date are recorded in the list of officials and umpires, but do not qualify until they umpire or participate again in the tournament.

Honorary membership is available to those who have added to the tournament on the social and hockey side. Honorary Memberships is at the discretion of the incumbent Tournament Director, Incumbent Umpire Manager, plus sitting President.

After your fifth appearance a Crown is awarded to members.

The tournament started out as a 4 team round robin tournament played on one day, up at Barnsley, The umpires were then provided by the Northern Umpires Hockey Association. The Original Teams were North East, North West, East, Midlands. It was played at Barnsley from 1996 – 1998. The final year, no umpires were appointed from the NUHA and each of the four divisions brought an umpire. Jon Colson, while being one of Midland coaches umpired in 1997 as the Midlands Umpire.

In 1999 the tournament increased in size to 5 teams with the South West (City of Portsmouth under the leadership of Pete Atkins). In keeping with the round robin format, it was decided to play the tournament over two days and keep the same format. A move was then on the cards and the Tournament moved to Leeds Metropolitan University. The very first year at Leeds the Umpiring was done with young umpires from the divisions. This saw the following umpire, Jon Colson, (North East / Mids) Bruce Bale (North West) Rob Taylor, (Mids) plus one other. Keith Boddy came in from the East to help with the umpiring. Also at this point a new addition to the tournament came in with the addition of a first aid team in Nikki Thompson (Physio) and Dave Hardy (First Aid).

In 2000 the tournament was getting too large for one person to manage a side and run the Tournament, So a Tournament Director was appointed (David Colson) his first decision was to appoint the umpires and brought in Steve Brooks to act as senior umpire and Umpire Manager. Along with Steve Brooks, Hamish Jameson came in to help raise the standard and profile of the Tournament. Also at this point Neil Berry came onto the umpiring team. The Tournament was run as a 6 team round robin tournament, with Wales joining the 5 teams involved.

2001 saw the Tournament try a new 8 team format, with West of Scotland joining the tournament with Wales with drawing late, the Midlands and North East both put in two sides to make up the 8 teams. This allowed two pools of four with crossovers on the Sunday. The Umpiring team developed to include Mike Graham as Umpire Manager and Billy Morgan, arriving onto the team.

2002 saw the tournament staying with an 8 team format with Wales returning to the fold, in place of North East II and the Midlands running a Tigers (I) and Lions (II) side. The Tournament was still being run at Leeds. 2002 saw the biggest change in umpiring with Martin Stott, Trevor Danks and Graham Nash coming into umpire. A change was made to the First Aid team with Helen Madden replacing Nikki Thompson.

2003 saw a new change of venue, with a move down to the Midlands, with the tournament being held at Highfields Hockey Centre, under the management of Graham Griffiths, and the accommodation being at Nottingham University. The start of this tournament saw the formal formation of “The Leeds Club”. The founder members and the honorary members are listed below. The Tournament stayed with 8 teams, but the South East came in to replace the Midlands II side. The umpiring team had changes with two FIH umpires joining the panel in Andy Mair and Richard Wilson. As the pitches were more spread out than at Leeds. Steve Tiplay came in to help with the First Aid situation.